Department Head - Music Theory

James Chang received his Ph.D. degree in music theory. His earlier education included science and economics.

His compositions—including several commissioned works—and arrangements have been published and performed in the U.S. and in European and Asian countries. Most recently, he has received a commission to compose the music for the dedication of a Memorial Concert Hall in China.

In previous years, Dr. Chang has served as a charter editorial board member of several music journals. He was appointed an honorary member of China's Society. He was a guest professor in Taiwan (1996) and Hong Kong (1984-86). He has presented numerous lectures and clinics in six countries, and leads field study in China and Taiwan. Presently, he is on the editorial review board of the Journal of Music and a member of the Hong Kong Council.

Preliminary Rudiments

This course examines the basic elements of musical notation: pitch, rhythm, scales, intervals, triads, key recognition, transposition and analysis.  In addition, the most common Italian musical terms are covered.

Grade 1 Rudiments

This course proceeds with a continuation of the materials covered in preliminary rudiments plus an introduction to cadences.

Grade 2 Rudiments

This course is the final installment of the rudiments of music.  In addition to examining more sophisticated aspects of the subjects covered in grade 1 rudiments, thus student will explore chords, melody writing, less common clefs and different score types.  Musical terms are taken from the French and German as well as Italian languages.

Composition and Theory:

Judy Hogan
Donald Happen

David Neale, Coordinator



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