Jeremy Cikada, Department Head - Upper School

School Information

School:  The Salzburg Institute

Position: Science Teacher

Years at SIM:   7

Prior Professional Experience:  20 years industrial chemicals and minerals, marketing, sales and technical service.

Clubs And Activities

Middle School Soccer, Science Fair Camp


Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering
Masters Business Administration
High School Chemistry Teacher Certification

Personal Information

I have enjoyed my six years at The Salzburg Institute immensely, teaching science and math. I have taught Earth Science, Physical Science, Pre Algebra and Transition Math. This will be my seventh year at The Salzburg Institute after twenty years in the corporate world working in technical, marketing and business positions in the industrial chemicals sector. I have a BS degree in Chemical Engineering, a Masters in Business and accreditation to teach High School Chemistry. My calling is working in partnership with my students and promote a love of learning. My wife, Gail, and I have two daughters.

Grade 11

The Arts
Dramatic Arts
Exploring the Arts
Media Arts
Visual Arts

Business Studies

Financial Accounting Fundamentals 11
Accounting Essentials 11

Entrepreneurship, The Venture 11
Entrepreneurship, The Enterprising Person 11

Information and Communicaion Technology
The Digital Environment 11

Goods, Services, Events 11

Canadian and World Studies

The Individual and the Economy 11
Making Economic Choices 11

The Americas: Geographic Patterns and Issues 11
Physical Geography: Patterns, Processes, and Interactions 11
Geographics: The Geographer’s Toolkit 11
Travel and Tourism: A Regional Geographic Perspective 11

American History 11
World History to the Sixteenth Century 11
Canadian History and Politics Since 1945 11
World History Since 1900: Global and Regional Perspectives 11

Understanding Canadian Law 11

Canadian Politics and Citizenship 11

Classical Languages - Ancient Greek, Latin

International Languages

Computer Studies

Introduction to Computer Science 11

EnglishEnglish as a Second Language and English Literacy Development, Level 1

French as a Second Language, Extended French and French Immersion

French as a Second Language, Core French


Functions 11
Functions and Applications 11
Foundations for College Mathematics 11
Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life 11


Biology 11

Chemistry 11

Environmental Science
Environmental Science 11

Physics 11

Social Science and Humanities

Family Studies
Living and Working With Children 11
Managing Personal and Family Resources 11
Fashion and Creative Expression 11
Living Spaces and Shelter 11
Parenting 11

General Social Science
Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology 11
Philosophy: The Big Questions 11

World Religions
World Religions: Beliefs, Issues, and Religious Traditions 11
World Religions: Beliefs and Daily Life 11

Technological Education

Communications Technology
Communications Technology 11

Construction Technology
Construction Technology 11

Health and Personal Services
Health Care 11
Hairstyling and Aesthetics 11

Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality 11

Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing Engineering Technology 11

Technological Design
Technological Design 11

Transportation Technology
Transportation Technology 11

Computer and Information Science
Computer and Information Science 11

Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering 11

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Adams, Emily
BS MS - Science


Arjona, Michael BA, – Social Studies


Arjona, Katie BA MFA – Fine Arts

Bayer, Jean BS MEd - Math


Block, Leigh BA MA - English

Blohm, Gary BA MA – Athletic Director


Branham, Jama BA – English

Brown, Brad BA MA French


Carlson, Diane BA MA – Spanish


Clark, Neil BS MEd  - Counseling and Guidance


Crowers, John BA MA – Math

Cumbow, Dennis – Technology

Davis, Jennifer BA MA - Science

Dawson, Ira BS – Math


deSantiago Luis BA - German

Eisenman, Matt BA

Ferencik, Emily BA MA – English


 Foy, Barry BS MEd - Physical Education and Health


 Gerace, Mike BS MEd – Fine Arts

Golden, Chris BA MA MS - English

Guckert, R. H. BS MS – Science


Harper, Ginger BFA – Fine Arts


Hartsock, Katie BA – English

Holman, Rob BS – Mathematics


Johnstone, Jessica BS MS - French


Killian, Steve BS MS - Social Studies


May, Jennifer BA MA - Italian


McConnaughey, Kate BA MA – English


McCurdy, Newton BA MA - Social Studies


Murphy, Bob BS MLA – Library Research


Rhoades, Sandy BS MEd  - Science


Richardson, John BS MEd  - Science


Rink, Mike BA - Math


Robertson, Don BS MA - Geography                 

Robuck, Winona BA – Science


Spivey, Kirby BS - History


Stricklen, Jean BA Med MA - Social Studies


Ward, Janet BA MA - Music


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